Sweets in Bangkok: A journey through the world of Thai desserts

Sweets In Bangkok: A Journey Through The World Of Thai Desserts

Are you looking for the best Thai desserts in Bangkok? You must try these 16 Thai desserts in the capital.

Thailand’s vibrant capital is famous for its stunning flavors native to Thai cuisine.

But Bangkok’s culinary adventure does not end with savory Thai specialties: The city is also home to a veritable treasure trove of sweet delicacies.

This article takes you into Bangkok’s compelling world of Thai desserts.

From classic favorites to unique and surprising flavors, we present Thai desserts you shouldn’t miss.

Fruit Salad And Coconut In Thailand

Thai Desserts: What makes Thai desserts in Bangkok so special?

Bangkok is a city that never sleeps – and that even applies to its desserts. They are available virtually at any time of the day or night.

In the bustling alleys of Chatuchak Market, in Bangkok’s night markets, in shopping malls like Terminal 21 Mall, or Chinatown:

At every corner, delicious Thai desserts are waiting to be discovered and eaten by you.

From the iconic Mango Sticky Rice (Kao Niew Ma Muang) to the surprisingly versatile flavors of Tub Tim Grob and Khanom Bueang (Thai crepes):

Bangkok offers a wide range of Thai desserts, ranging from traditional recipes to modern interpretations.

This makes Thai desserts in Bangkok a treat for the palate and a window into the fascinating Thai culture and their love of good food.

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Asiatique The Riverfront Bangkok Foodcourt

16 Thai Desserts you can’t miss in Bangkok

The delicious Thai desserts are sure to be one of the highlights of your Bangkok trip.

Of course, you will also find plenty of delicious Thai desserts on the island and in other regions of Thailand.

The diversity in the capital, however, can’t be topped. Here we present you 16 Thai desserts that you should definitely try:

1. Mango Sticky Rice (Kao Niew Ma Muang)

Mango Sticky Rice, “Kao Niew Ma Muang” in Thai, is an iconic Thai dessert.

It consists of sticky rice served with fresh, juicy mango slices and a rich coconut sauce.

The combination of sweet, sticky rice and the natural sweetness of mangoes creates an unforgettable taste experience that is popular in Thailand and around the world.

Mango Sticky Rice - Thai Specialties

2. Tub Tim Grob

Tub Tim Grob is a refreshing Thai dessert that consists of sweet, crunchy water chestnut pieces served in light coconut milk.

The colorful dish is often served with crushed ice and offers a perfect combination of sweet and fresh flavors to invigorate the senses.

Tub Tim Grob - Thai Desserts

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3. Khanom Bueang

Khanom Bueang are delicious Thai crepes that come in various colors and fillings.

The crispy crepes are filled with sweet coconut cream but can also include savory fillings like eggs or shrimp.

These artistic little Thai desserts are a delight in terms of taste and a visual highlight.

Khanom Bueang - Thai Desserts

4. Sticky Rice with Durian (kao niew tu rian)

Sticky Rice with Durian, or “Kao Niew Tu Rian,” is a Thai dish that combines sticky rice with the controversial durian pulp.

The sweet, sticky texture of the rice provides an exciting contrast to the intense, unique flavor of the durian.

This dessert has a bold taste sensation, as the fruit is often called “stinky fruit.”

Despite the unusual smell, durian tastes good, so we can only recommend this Thai dessert.

Sticky Rice With Durian (Kao Niew Tu Rian) - Thai Desserts

5. Roti

Roti is a Thai dessert that has its origins in Indian cuisine.

Paper-thin dough patties are fried in oil and often served with sweet toppings like bananas, Nutella, or condensed milk.

Roti is a delicious, crunchy treat and a popular street snack in Thailand.

Roti Pancake In Thailand

6. Kluay Tod

Kluay Tod is a simple but delicious Thai dessert. It consists of fried bananas baked in an airy batter coating and often sprinkled with powdered sugar.

The delicious banana pieces are a popular street snack that contrasts crunchy texture and sweet banana flavor.

Kluay Tod - Thai Desserts

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7. Khao Tom Mud

Khao Tom Mud is a traditional Thai dessert consisting of glutinous rice dumplings with various fillings.

These small balls are steamed in banana leaves to create a soft, sticky texture.

The fillings vary and can be taro, peanut, or bean. The dumplings are often dipped in coconut milk.

Khao Tom Mud - Thai Desserts

8. Thong Yip

Thong Yip is an interesting Thai dessert presented as golden egg yolk flowers.

It is made from egg yolk, sugar, and scented essence, baked in a unique flower mold, and then dipped in a syrup bath.

Thong Yip is flavorful, aesthetically pleasing, and a sign of elegance in Thai dessert art.

Thong Yip - Thai Desserts

9. Khanom Chan

Khanom Chan is a Thai dessert that consists of multi-layered, colorful cakes.

The layers are made from different ingredients and flavors and arranged in pretty geometric patterns.

This Thai dessert is super delicious, visually appealing, and a popular gift for special occasions.

Khanom Chan - Thai Desserts

10 Luk Chup

Luk Chup is a popular Thai dessert with miniature fruits and vegetables recreated from marzipan.

The miniature works of art are carefully sculpted and hand-painted to imitate accurate miniatures.

Luk Chup is sweet in taste, a visual masterpiece, and a symbol of Thai dessert art.

Luk Chup - Thai Desserts

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11. Kao Tom

Kao Tom is a Thai dessert that combines steamed sticky rice with bananas dipped in sweet coconut milk.

This simple yet delicious dish offers a harmonious blend of sticky rice and sweet, creamy coconut, complemented by the natural flavor of bananas.

12. bubble waffles

Bubble waffles are a trendy street food dessert popular in Thai markets but originated in Hong Kong.

These delicious wafers feature a bubble-like texture perfect for holding toppings such as ice cream, fruit, cream, and syrup.

Bubble waffles are a crispy, sweet treat that is a highlight both in taste and appearance.

Bubble Waffles - Thai Dessert

13. Khanom Krok

Khanom Krok is an unusual Thai dessert prepared in special pans.

These little rice cakes are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, with a delicious blend of coconut milk and rice flowers.

They often come hemispherical and offer a wonderfully sweet and creamy taste experience.

Khanom Krok - Thai Dessert

14. Khanom Tako

Khanom Tako is a traditional Thai dessert made from coconut pudding. It is often wrapped in leaves or banana leaves and served with sweet sauces.

This dessert’s delicate texture and sweet, coconutty flavor make it delicious and refreshing.

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Khanom Tako - Thai Desserts

15. Ais Kacang

Ais Kacang is a refreshing Thai dessert that combines crushed ice with various toppings, including colorful jellies, red beans, coconut, and syrup.

This colorful ice cream dessert offers a pleasant cooling on hot Thai summer days and an exciting sensory taste experience.

16 Khanom Sod Sai

Khanom Sod Sai is a delicious Thai dessert made of rice balls filled with various sweet fillings, such as peanut butter or chocolate.

These little balls are a tasty, sweet treat for in-between meals. The Thai dessert’s mixture of textures and flavors is particularly interesting.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Thai Desserts in Bangkok

Here, we answer some frequently asked questions about Thai desserts in Bangkok.

What are the most popular Thai desserts in Bangkok?

Bangkok’s most popular Thai desserts are Mango Sticky Rice (Kao Niew Ma Muang), Tub Tim Grob, Khanom Bueang, Sticky Rice with Durian (Kao Niew Tu Rian), and Kluay Tod.

Where can I try Thai desserts in Bangkok?

You can find Thai desserts in Bangkok at local street markets, restaurants, shopping malls like MBK Mall, and specialty dessert stores.

What are the best street markets for Thai specialties in Bangkok?

The best street markets for Thai specialties in Bangkok are Chatuchak Weekend Market, Yaowarat (Chinatown), Asiatique The Riverfront, and the floating markets around the city.

Are there any vegan Thai desserts in Bangkok?

Yes, there are vegan Thai desserts in Bangkok. Some options are Mango Sticky Rice without animal products or coconut pudding (Khanom Tako).

Are Thai desserts very sweet?

Yes, many Thai desserts are extremely sweet. But there are also desserts with balanced sweetness, like Tub Tim Grob.

What are the best dessert stores in Bangkok?

Some of the best dessert stores in Bangkok are “Mango Tango” for Mango Sticky Rice, “Pak Mor” for Tub Tim Grob, and “Kanom Bangkok” for a wide selection of Thai desserts.

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