8 Bangkok Food Tours: Discover the Capital’s Culinary

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Bangkok Food Tours are perfect to discover the capital from a culinary point of view. Here, you can enjoy excellent street food at markets.

Bangkok is world famous for its huge culinary offer.

From street food to traditional cafes to high-class restaurants, you’ll find everything your foodie heart desires here.

Thai cuisine is one of the most diverse in the world, and the aromas, spices, and flavors are simply unique.

Do you love papaya salad, Pad Thai, Tom Yum, and Massaman Curry and want to try everything at once?

Then Bangkok food tours are just the thing for you.

Here you will not only get to know the sensational Thai cuisine but also explore some of the most exciting sights in Bangkok.

Food Market - Bangkok Food Tour

Why is a Bangkok Street Food Tour worthwhile?

During a Bangkok Street Food Tour, you can not only enjoy the regional cuisine but also get to know the Thai culture better and talk to the locals.

Here you will discover new dishes and specialties that you might never have ordered or discovered on your own.

Your guide knows the best food places in town and where you can get the most delicious local specialties.

He can also tell you more about the city’s traditional street food culture, flavors, and aromas as part of the Bangkok Food Tour.

Food Market - Bangkok Food Tour

Where does a Bangkok Food Tour usually take place?

Bangkok food tours often take place at one or more street food markets in the capital.

These are particularly suitable because you can watch the chefs at work and taste the freshly prepared dishes directly.

In addition, small portions and snacks are often offered, so you can test significantly more dishes than, for example, in a restaurant.

Street food markets and cookshops also play a significant role in the lives of Thais. This allows you to get to know the culture even better.

Since the markets and street food stalls are scattered throughout the city, a Bangkok food tour can take place virtually anywhere.

But especially popular are famous places like Chatuchak Weekend Market, Chinatown, or even the floating markets in and around Bangkok.

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Tips for a successful food tour in Bangkok

  • Eat as little as possible before the Bangkok Food Tour so that you can try many different dishes and specialties.
  • Be brave and try dishes that you have never eaten before.
  • Drink enough water. This will help you stay hydrated and better tolerate the sometimes spicy dishes.
  • Take cash with you in case you want to enjoy more snacks after the Bangkok Street Food Tour and take them home. Most stalls and cookshops do not accept card payments.
  • Inform your guide in advance about any allergies or intolerances or whether you eat a vegan or vegetarian diet.
Foodcourt Bangkok

Bangkok Food Tour: Our recommendations in the capital

There are plenty of street food tours in Bangkok. These are the ones we can especially recommend to you:

The Classic Bangkok Street Food Tour

Book a classic Bangkok street food tour to experience Thai cuisine at its best and dive deep into the culture.

1. Michelin Guide Street Food Tour by Tuk Tuk

This tour starts at the River City Complex, where your guide will first take you to Chinatown by tuk-tuk.

Explore the street food stalls recommended by the Michelin Guide and find out what dishes they are best known for.

2. The favorite dishes of the local’s Food Tour

This Bangkok Food Tour is perfect if you want to learn more about the local cuisine as well as the history and culture of Bangkok.

During the tour, your guide will take you to a total of 6 tasting stations – enjoy delicious dishes and the city’s lively atmosphere.

3. Discover the secret of Chinatown during a tasting session

This Bangkok street food tour takes you to Chinatown, where you’ll learn more about the neighborhood’s history and food scene from your local guide.

Besides delicious snacks like fish balls with noodles or fried dough sticks, you will also discover sights like Wat Mangkon.

Or would you prefer a Bangkok food tour at night?

Bangkok is a city that never sleeps. Here, you can stroll through markets until late at night and enjoy regional delicacies.

A Bangkok food tour at night has a very special atmosphere and is definitely an unforgettable experience.

4. Food tour at midnight in tuk tuk

Get off the beaten tourist path on this Bangkok food tour and enjoy typical Isan food from northeastern Thailand – including the best Pad Thai in town.

On the way, you will see the city’s landmarks from the tuk-tuk and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Chao Phraya River and Wat Arun in a rooftop bar at the end.

5. Bangkok by night: markets, temples & food – tuk-tuk tour

Discover the beauty of Bangkok at night and visit places most tourists only see during the day – including Chinatown, the flower market, and Wat Prayoon.

On this Bangkok food tour, you’ll ride a tuk-tuk through the city streets, stopping repeatedly to sample delicious food and drinks.

Bangkok food tours with a very special focus

Some Bangkok food tours also have a very special focus or are offered in combination with an exciting activity.

For example, how about a tour with a boat ride, an e-scooter tour, or a street art tour with a tasting?

6. 4 hours food tour with klong boat ride

This 4-hour excursion starts with a klong tour. Sail through the picturesque canals and listen to the stories and anecdotes of your guide.

Afterward, visit a popular restaurant for a bowl of Hokkien noodles.

The tour continues with delicious street food on one of the oldest markets in Bangkok – a total of 15 different dishes and drinks are tasted.

7. Food tour and sightseeing by e-scooter

After a short introduction to handling the e-scooter, you’ll first jet off to a classic market and then on to Chinatown and the Tha Din Daeng market.

At each stop on this Bangkok food tour, you will sample regional snacks, dishes, and exotic fruits.

The next stop is the temple Wat Prayoon. At the end of the tour, you can try a delicious muffin.

8. Street Art and Street Food Walking Tour

During this Bangkok Street Food Tour, you will taste a total of 9 authentic Thai dishes.

On the walk, your guide will also take you to some beautiful temples and show you the best spots for street art in Bangkok.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Bangkok Food Tours

Finally, we answer some frequently asked questions about the Bangkok Food Tours.

What dishes can you taste on the Bangkok food tours?

You can taste a wide range of Thai dishes and delicacies during the Bangkok Food Tours. Among them are traditional curries, soups, grilled meats, seafood, desserts, and much more.

How long does a typical Bangkok food tour last?

Duration can vary, but most Bangkok food tours last about 3 to 4 hours. There are also longer tours that offer full-day experiences.

Who leads the food tours in Bangkok?

Local experts often lead tours or guides knowledgeable about the Bangkok culinary scene. They share knowledge about the city’s dishes, culture, and history.

Which neighborhoods and markets are visited on the street food tours in Bangkok?

Depending on the tour, you can explore different neighborhoods, including Chinatown, Bang Rak, Tha Maharaj, and more. Some tours also include floating markets.

Is a food tour in Bangkok suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Yes, many tours offer options for vegetarians and vegans. Just make sure you let the guide know your dietary needs beforehand – preferably when you book.
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