Chatuchak Weekend Market: Tips for Bangkok’s Biggest Market

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Chatuchak Weekend Market is the biggest market in Bangkok. Here, you will find all the information and tips for your first visit.

Your trip to Bangkok happens to fall on a weekend? Then you have been really lucky.

Because every Saturday, Sunday, and Friday night, the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market takes place in the metropolis.

Chatuchak Market is not only perfect for shopping but also a place where diversity and creativity are written large.

So be sure to take a few hours to immerse yourself in the narrow streets and explore the unique market.

Getting there: By MRT (Blue Line) to Chatuchak Park or Kamphaeng Phet, by BTS Skytrain to Mo Chit (Green Line), alternatively by cab.

Chatuchak Market Opening Hours: Friday 18:00 to 00:00, Saturday and Sunday 09:00 to 18:00. Partially open: Wednesday and Thursday 07:00 to 18:00.

Admission: Free

Chatuchak Weekend Market

What you should know about Chatuchak Weekend Market

  • Chatuchak Weekend Market was originally called “Phahurat Market” because it was located near the Indian Quarter of Bangkok.
  • Chatuchak Market covers a gigantic area of around 27 hectares, making it the largest market in Bangkok and one of the largest weekend markets in the world.
  • The Chatuchak Weekend Market offers a huge selection of goods from over 15,000 stalls – including clothing, accessories, handicrafts, antiques, and household goods.
  • The market is divided into 27 different sections, each specialized in a defined group of goods.
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market was initially known as a trading place for pets and exotic animals. Although this area has fortunately become smaller, unfortunately, small animals such as guinea pigs and birds are still sold here.
  • A particularly exciting section of Chatuchak Market is the “Art Zone.” Here, local artists can exhibit and sell their work.
  • The market is popular not only among locals but also attracts many tourists from all over the world.
  • Negotiating is common in the marketplace, and most sellers expect you to haggle for the best price.
  • In addition to shopping, the market also offers an impressive selection of Thai street food, from spicy curries to exotic fruit juices.

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Chatuchak Market Opening Hours

Chatuchak Weekend Market is open every Saturday and Sunday.

Regular Chatuchak Market opening hours are usually between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

We recommend you come as early in the morning as possible to avoid the large crowds and extreme heat.

On Friday, Chatuchak market turns into a night market – it is open from 18:00 to 00:00.

Also, the Chatuchak Weekend Market is partially open on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but only for the plant market.

On the other hand, most of the stands outside this section are closed, so a visit is only worthwhile to a limited extent.

Some vendors set up their booths before official opening hours or keep them open longer in the evening – but you shouldn’t count on that.

Before visiting, we recommend you recheck the current opening hours, as there may be changes on holidays or special occasions, for example.

You can always find the latest information on the market’s official website.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

How do I get to the Chatuchak Weekend Market?

Chatuchak Weekend Market is located in the north of Bangkok and is easily accessible by various forms of public and non-public transportation:

  1. BTS Skytrain: The easiest option is to use the BTS Skytrain. Take the Sukhumvit line (green line) to the terminus “Mo Chit.” From there, follow the signs to the market, which is located very close to the train station.
  2. MRT Subway: You can also take the MRT subway and get off at “Chatuchak Park” station. From there, it is a short walk to the market.
  3. Cab or Tuk-Tuk: A cab or tuk-tuk is another convenient way to reach the market. Ensure the driver turns on the meter or agrees to a fixed price to avoid any nasty surprises.
  4. Bus: There are several bus lines leading to Chatuchak Weekend Market. However, most buses do not have English signage. Therefore, it can be helpful to research the route in advance.
  5. Grab or ride-sharing services: In Bangkok, you can also use various ride-sharing services like Grab to get to the market conveniently and directly.

The market is well-signposted, and many locals can show you the way if, for some reason, you can’t find it.

If you arrive by public transport, you only have to follow the stream of people who almost all have the same destination.

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Orientation at Chatuchak market

At the Chatuchak market, you can expect countless narrow alleys and a lot of bustle.

So, you can quickly lose your orientation or get separated from the rest of your group.

The best landmark in Chatuchak Weekend Market is the Clock Tower.

The bell tower was built in 1987 for the 60th birthday of the now-deceased King Bhumibols.

It can be seen from afar and is often used as a central meeting point on the market.

You can also pick up a market area map at many places – for example, at the Chatuchak Park Office.

By the way, you will also find an ATM and exchange office here.

Chatuchak Market Bangkok

What are the sections at Chatuchak Weekend Market?

In total, Chatuchak Weekend Market is divided into 27 sections.

You will find signs in or in front of the market rows that tell you where you are.

So you can choose whether to drift through the alleys without a plan or prefer to check out the sections that interest you.

Meanwhile, the sections are not quite as strictly separated as they once were. However, you can roughly orientate yourself on this division:

  • Section 1: Antiques, collectibles, amulets, books, Thai instruments, foodstuffs
  • Sections 2 to 4: furniture, ceramics, paintings, furnishings, collectibles, clothing for teenagers.
  • Sections 5 to 6: clothing (new and second-hand goods), costume jewelry, watches, accessories, footwear.
  • Sections 7 to 9: antiques, handicrafts, furniture, ceramics, paintings, carvings, incense, artificial flowers
  • Sections 10 to 21: household appliances, pets, clothing, consumer goods, postcards, souvenirs, food, ceramics.
  • Sections 22 to 26: Furniture, antiques, arts and crafts
  • Section 27: Food, books, handicrafts

Chatuchak Market Map

Here is a Chatuchak Market Map that shows the different sections of the market.

Chatuchak Weekend Market Map

What is the best way to haggle at Chatuchak market?

In the Chatuchak market, haggling for the best price is normal and expected by the local vendors.

Here we have some tips for you, with which you can possibly get a better price:

  • As a rule of thumb, if the seller quotes you a price, you can come in about 40 percent lower. Tourist markets usually give no more than 50 and local markets no more than 30 percent discount for tourists.
  • Friendliness and patience are a must! As Buddhists, Thais strive for harmony, and arrogance or hustle and bustle are interpreted negatively. Instead, the emphasis is on mutual respect.
  • If the price is too high, you should politely thank them and move on. With a little luck, the seller will call you and offer a lower price.
  • Never label the seller’s products as inferior to get a better price. That would hurt his honor and cause him to lose face.
  • Ideally, you should speak a few words of Thai. You will be perceived as an experienced negotiator if you can at least remember the greeting and the question about the price in the local language. Phrases like “too expensive” or “is there a discount?” definitely give bonus points.
  • It is worth comparing prices at several booths. Often, the products at the entrance are more expensive than those at the less prominently placed booths.
  • Every now and then, salespeople will tell you sad stories of poverty and disease to pressure you. You should react respectfully to these – but you do not have to let them influence your asking price.
  • Bonus Tip 1: Vendors have a greater margin for discounts if you buy multiple items at the same booth.
  • Bonus tip 2: Thais love nice compliments and little jokes while shopping. This often lightens the mood and makes the price negotiation easier.

Tip: You can escape the hustle and bustle of Bangkok for a while on a day trip – for example to Ayutthaya.

Chatuchak Weekend Market Street Food

What is the culinary offering at Chatuchak Weekend Market like?

At the Chatuchak Weekend Market, you can not only shop but also eat delicious food.

Many of the stalls offer Thai delicacies, international dishes, and delicious snacks. Highlights include:

  • Classic Street Food: The Chatuchak Weekend Market is famous for its diverse range of street food. Try local classics like Pad Thai (fried noodles), Som Tum (papaya salad), grilled meat skewers, fried seafood, and more.
  • Fruits and juices: The market offers fresh, exotic fruits such as mango, coconut, pineapple, and dragon fruit. Freshly squeezed juices and smoothies are also a highlight.
  • Seafood: For seafood lovers, there is a selection of grilled fish, shrimp, mussels, and crabs prepared over an open flame.
  • Dessert and sweets: Be sure to leave a little room for dessert. Highlights at Chatuchak Weekend Market include sticky rice with mango, Thai pancakes (roti), coconut ice cream, and colorful sweets.
  • Regional specialties: Discover dishes from different Thai regions, such as Khao Soi (noodle soup from the north), Kanom Jeen (rice noodles with various curries), or grilled food from Isan.
  • International cuisine: Besides Thai food, there is also a selection of international dishes, such as Japanese sushi, Indian curries, Mexican tacos, and much more.
  • Drinks: From freshly squeezed juices and coconut water to iced coffee and exotic fruit shakes, you have various options here to quench your thirst.

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On the way, you will see the city’s landmarks from the tuk-tuk and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Chao Phraya River and Wat Arun in a rooftop bar at the end.

Chatuchak Market Bangkok - Massage

Frequently Asked Questions about Chatuchak Weekend Market

Here, we answer some frequently asked questions about the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok.

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What is the Chatuchak Weekend Market?

Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of Bangkok’s largest and most famous markets. It covers an area of about 27 hectares and offers a wide range of products, including clothing, accessories, handicrafts, antiques, plants, food, and much more.

When is the Chatuchak Weekend Market open?

The market is open on weekends, Saturdays, and Sundays from early morning until late afternoon. The Chatuchak Night Market is held on Fridays from 6:00 pm to 0:00 am.

How do I get to the Chatuchak Weekend Market?

The market is located in the north of Bangkok and is easily accessible by public transport. You can take the BTS Skytrain to Mo Chit Station or use the MRT subway service to Kamphaeng Phet Station. From there, follow the signs to the market area.

What products are offered at the Chatuchak Weekend Market?

The market is known for its wide range of products, including clothing, shoes, jewelry, crafts, antiques, decorative items, plants, food, accessories and much more.

Is there room for negotiation on prices in the Chatuchak market?

Yes, bargaining is common at the market, especially for clothing, accessories, and handicrafts. It is worthwhile to set about 40 percent lower.

Is there also food and drink at the Chatuchak Weekend Market?

Yes, the market has a wide range of street food stalls where you can enjoy Thai delicacies and international food.
Chatuchak Market Bangkok

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