Bangkok Nightmarket: The Best Spots for Shopping, Eating and Strolling

Bangkok Nightmarket: The Best Spots For Shopping, Eating And Strolling

Do you want to visit a Bangkok night market? We will tell you which night markets in Bangkok are the most beautiful and what to expect.

Thailand’s dazzling capital is famous for its exciting culture, breathtaking temples, and sensational cuisine.

But when the sun sets, Bangkok shows an entirely different side.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the Bangkok night markets.

We also tell you which markets are definitely worth a visit.

Bangkok Night Market

What exactly are night markets in Bangkok?

Night markets in Bangkok are busy trading places that usually open late afternoon or early evening and stay open well into the night.

Some markets are also open during the day but come to life again in the evening.

The typical Bangkok night market is known for a huge variety of products, including clothing, accessories, handicrafts, electronics, and especially street food.

Bangkok’s night markets, however, are much more than just places to shop. An excursion is an experience for all the senses.

The combination of colorful lights, loudly haggling merchants and visitors, and the scents and aromas of freshly prepared food create a unique atmosphere.

The night markets are both meeting places for locals and hotspots for tourists who want to explore Bangkok by night.

For visitors, a Bangkok night market is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in Thai culture.

Many night markets in Bangkok also feature cultural offerings, such as live music and other performances.

Bangkok Night Market - Khao San Road

Bangkok Night Market: What can I buy?

Especially at the larger night markets in Bangkok, there is really nothing that is not available.

Whether you’re looking for traditional crafts, trendy clothing, toys, vintage treasures, home furnishings, or art, you’ll likely find it here.

For example, handmade jewelry, accessories such as handbags, purses, or other leather goods, electronics, and accessories are also offered frequently.

However, you should always check the quality well. Because sometimes the products are also cheaply produced “junk” explicitly made for tourist destinations in Thailand and other countries.

Over time, you’ll develop an eye for whether they’re mass-produced or individually-made treasures.

Of course, the latter are also perfect to surprise your loved ones at home with a souvenir or two.

Bangkok Night Market - Asiatique

Our tip: Book a food tour at midnight in a tuk-tuk

Get off the beaten tourist path on this Bangkok food tour and enjoy typical Isan food from northeastern Thailand – including the best Pad Thai in town.

On the way, you will see the city’s landmarks from the tuk-tuk and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Chao Phraya River and Wat Arun in a rooftop bar at the end.

Food and drink at the night markets in Bangkok

One of the highlights of any Bangkok night market is definitely the street food.

The cookshops and stalls offer an incredible variety of dishes, from classic Thai favorites to international treats.

You can enjoy grilled meat skewers, fresh seafood, spicy soups, fried noodles, curries, mangoes with sticky rice, and much more.

Bangkok’s night markets are a paradise for foodies who want to experience authentic Thai cuisine at its best.

Khao San Road Bangkok Street Food

Which Bangkok night market should I visit?

Bangkok has many different night markets – from the small market in the neighborhood to the gigantic shopping paradise you can hardly walk through in one evening.

They are all open on different days, and the opening hours may also vary. So be sure to inform yourself in advance before you end up disappointed.

Which Bangkok night market will be your favorite? In the end, you decide for yourself. But we can definitely recommend these markets to you:

1. Asiatique the riverfront

Getting there: Take the BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin, and from there, walk to Sathorn Pier. Here, the free shuttle boat departs regularly. Alternatively, by cab.

Opening hours: Daily from 11:00 to 00:00.

Admission: Free

Asiatique The Riverfront is a modern night market located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. It is part of a huge entertainment complex and combines shopping, dining, and entertainment.

With a mix of stores, restaurants, bars, and a Ferris wheel, Asiatique offers a unique blend of fun and shopping.

Here, you can buy handicrafts, clothing, jewelry, and souvenirs, among other things, and enjoy delicious street food at the separate food market.

Important to know: Asiatique The Riverfront is comparatively expensive. Here, you definitely pay for the great ambiance and the view of the Chao Phraya River.

Nevertheless, the Bangkok night market is worth a visit.

Tip: Don’t miss the Calypso Cabaret Show at Asiatique Calypso Cabaret!

Asiatique The Riverfront - Asiatique Bangkok

2. Chatuchak Weekend Market (Friday Nightmarket)

Getting there: By MRT (Blue Line) to Chatuchak Park or Kamphaeng Phet, by BTS Skytrain to Mo Chit (Green Line), alternatively by cab.

Opening hours: Friday 18:00 to 00:00.

Admission: Free

The Chatuchak night market in Bangkok is one of the most popular and famous in the city.

Founded initially as a weekend market, it has evolved over the years into a famous night market that opens its doors on Friday evenings.

While the regular Chatuchak Weekend Market is gigantic, the range of goods on offer on Friday night is much smaller, as only the stalls on the outer main lane are open.

The goods range focuses mainly on clothing, accessories, souvenirs, and useful gadgets. The second focus is on street food and cold drinks.

The cookshops and stalls offer a wide range of Thai dishes, from spicy curries to freshly grilled meat, fish, and delicious desserts.

Tip: Discover the best shopping spots on this Chatuchak Weekend Market & Floating Market Tour!

Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok

3. talad rot fai srinakarin (srinakarin train night market)

Getting there: Take the BTS Skytrain to On Nut station, then continue by cab.

Opening hours: Thursday to Sunday, 17:00 to 01:00.

Admission: Free

Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin (Srinakarin Train Night Market) is located just outside the city center on Srinakarin Soi 51, just behind the Seacon Square shopping center.

The main entrance to Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin is located between the Seacon Square shopping center and Haha 55 Mall.

Several open-air bars with live bands and restaurants are lined up here.

Plenty of street food stalls also allow you to feast on authentic Thai cuisine.

In the “Market Zone,” over 2000 merchants and designers sell trendy fashion and accessories.

The designs are really individual, and you definitely won’t find comparable styles in the more touristy markets.

It also offers shoes, toys, household goods, and much more.

In the “Warehouse Zone,” on the other hand, vintage is the order of the day. Here, you can find sunglasses, leather jackets, used electronics, and car parts and accessories, among other things.

Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin (Srinakarin Train Night Market)

4. Jodd Fairs Bangkok Night Market

Getting there: By MRT (Blue Line) to Phra Ram 9 station, alternatively by cab.

Opening hours: Daily 16:00 to 00:00.

Admission: Free

There is plenty to see and do at the Jodd Fairs Night Market, with over 700 different booths.

From jewelry, clothing, and accessories to electronics, massages, and haircuts, each booth has something different to offer.

But a highlight is definitely the delicious food offered at the Jodd Fairs Bangkok night market.

There are countless food stalls where you can try everything from meat skewers to Thai curries and Korean dishes.

The market is also perfect for enjoying a drink or two – there’s a great selection of local and international beers, ciders, and other cold drinks.

5. Chang Chui Plane Market

Getting there: By boat to the other side of the river, Phra Pinklao Bridge pier. From there, continue by cab.

Opening hours: Daily 11:00 to 23:00.

Admission: Free

The Chang Chui Plane Market is, strictly speaking, not a night market, as it is also open during the day.

The first thing you’ll notice here is the decommissioned plane parked in the middle of the action.

By the way, there is a very popular restaurant hidden in the plane, which you should best reserve in advance.

Shopping is enjoyable at the well-organized Bangkok night market.

Here, you can find cheap second-hand fashion and accessories and high-quality pieces from Thai designers.

A highlight of the Chang Chui Plane Market is the many art installations on the grounds.

Lots of street food and bars, of course. In terms of selection, however, other night markets in Bangkok have more to offer.

Chang Chui Plane Market Bangkok

6. Patpong Bangkok Night Market

Getting there: Take the BTS Skytrain to Sala Daeng station. From there 5 minutes walk.

Opening hours: Daily 18:00 to 01:00.

Admission: Free

Patpong Bangkok Night Market is in the middle of the city’s nightlife and red-light district.

Here, you can buy many fake designer goods – so if you are looking for plagiarism, you will definitely find it here.

Besides watches, T-shirts, sunglasses, handbags, and accessories, the market also sells typical souvenirs and other tourist stuff.

However, bargaining is an absolute must if you want to find a bargain at the Patpong Bangkok night market.

Around the night market, you will also find some restaurants, pubs, and GoGo bars.

The area is definitely a matter of taste, but a short detour can still be worthwhile.

Patpong Bangkok Night Market

7. Hua Mum Night Market

Getting there: By MRT to Lat Phrao station and from there, about 15 minutes by cab.

Opening hours: Daily 18:00 to 01:00.

Admission: Free

Hua Mum Night Market is much smaller than Chatuchak or Srinakarin, for example.

However, it is a great alternative if you want to visit a less touristy and especially authentic Bangkok night market.

At the Hua Mum Night Market, you will find authentic street food, cold drinks, and often music.

In addition to clothing and accessories, you can buy electronics, household goods, and many useful gadgets.

More alternatives to the classic Bangkok night market

It doesn’t always have to be the classic Bangkok night market.

Here, you can also shop, eat, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city until late at night:

  • Chinatown: In the Yaowarat neighborhood, you’ll find numerous cookshops, restaurants, and street stalls that offer delicious and often very affordable Chinese dishes and snacks late into the night. Getting there: Take the MRT (Blue Line) to Wat Mangkong or Sam Yot, alternatively by cab.
  • Khao San Road: The legendary street in the Banglamphu district is known for its lively nightlife. Here, you can store virtually around the clock and try the many street stalls and cookshops once across the Thai cuisine. How to get there: By cab.
  • Flower Market: Although the flower market is not a classic night market, it can be visited at any time of the day or night. Getting there: By boat to the Memorial Bridge or Yodpiman piers – alternatively by cab.
Ma Lai Flower Market Bangkok

Tip: Discover Chinatown with a street food tasting

This street food tour takes you to Chinatown, where you’ll learn more about the neighborhood’s history and food scene from your local guide.

You can find more street food tours in Bangkok here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bangkok Night Market

Here, we answer frequently asked questions about Bangkok’s most beautiful night markets.

We show you more exciting sights in Bangkok here.

What exactly are night markets in Bangkok?

Night markets in Bangkok are busy trading places usually open in the evening into the night. Among other things, you can buy clothes, jewelry, souvenirs, handicrafts, and street food.

What can you buy at night markets in Bangkok?

At Bangkok’s night markets, you’ll find a wide range of products, including clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, bags, handicrafts, souvenirs, electronics and plenty of street food and drinks.

Is there negotiation at the night markets in Bangkok?

Yes, trading is widespread in most night markets in Bangkok. Of course, that doesn’t apply to street food.

What kind of street food can you find at a night market in Bangkok?

The selection of street food at Bangkok’s night markets is virtually endless. From Thai classics like Pad Thai, Som Tum, and Satay to international delicacies and sweet treats, there’s something for everyone.

Do the night markets in Bangkok cost admission?

As a rule, admission to night markets in Bangkok is free. However, activities such as rides or special events may require a fee.

Food Court In Bangkok

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