The best Bangkok events in March 2024

The Best Bangkok Events In March 2024

Bangkok is more than just temples and Pad Thai. The Thai capital is also an absolute Eldorado for music, art, culture, and festival lovers.

This means you can visit various events in Bangkok almost every day.

From traditional festivals and colorful parades to modern art exhibitions, concerts, and international music festivals.

Here, we show you the best Bangkok events in March 2024.

Bangkok events in March 2024 – music and festivals

Bangkok is famous for its lively music and festival scene.

These Bangkok events in March in the field of music and festivals are our recommendations.

Bangkok Events - Concert

Concert in the Park

March 3 and 10 – Lumphini Park, Rama IV Road

The Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra’s annual “Concert In The Park” event returns for the 31st time.

You can attend the performances free of charge on two Sundays in March at Sala Bhirom Bhakdi in Lumphini Park, Rama IV Road.

The program offers a mixture of classical music, Thai and Western pop music, film music, Broadway songs, and traditional Thai melodies.

You can find more information here.

Rave RoomZ | 2 Stages – Techno X DnB – Underground Party

March 2 – AVVE

Welcome to Rave Roomz. A brand new underground experience, premiering at AVVE on Saturday, March 2.

The organizers have collaborated with Lit Techno and SOTU to bring you two floors of Bangkok’s best DJs.

Alex Edels, Andy Bennett, Richie, TNZ, Half Baked, Em-J, Guni, Tom Aquilina, and Sean Fortune will provide musical entertainment at the highest level.

You can find more information here.

Subculture Thailand 2024 – Helipad Party

March 3 – W District Bangkok

Get ready for an incredible trance experience at the Subculture Helipad Chillout Sessions – an electrifying event at the top of the W District.

The Helipad spectacle takes you on a journey of pure euphoria, with the city’s lights shimmering below and the beats soaring above.

You can find more information here.

Bangkok events in March 2024 – Art and culture

Bangkok is an absolute art and culture hotspot in Thailand.

These Bangkok events in March in the field of art and culture are our recommendations.

Bangkok Events - Fireworks

Art Battle Bangkok

March 16 – The Fig Lobby Bangkok

In three fast-paced rounds, artists compete not only against each other but also against the clock at Art Battle Bangkok.

You can watch the colors fly live and vote for the winner at the end.

The works of art will also be auctioned off as part of the event.

You can find more information here.

Bangkok Poetry Slam

March 15 – Live Lounge Bangkok

On March 15, 2024, the Live Lounge Bangkok will be transformed into a battlefield of words.

Poets from all over the city come together here for the eagerly awaited Bangkok Poetry Slam.

Both experienced poets and newcomers take to the stage.

Organized by Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy, the event promises an evening full of emotion and rousing performances.

You can find more information here.

WORDisBOND | Poetry Night

March 8 – GOOMBAH – The Bar

Get to know the city’s poets, singers, songwriters, and storytellers, and immerse yourself in their works and words.

In addition to the artists booked for the event, the stage will also be available to selected open-mic poets for some time.

They will be selected by lot and must be present and registered at least 30 minutes before the start of the show at 9 pm.

You can find more information here.

National Thai Elephant Day

March 13

Thai National Elephant Day – or Wan Chang Thai – is celebrated in honor of the kingdom’s national animal.

Throughout history, the gentle giants have long been associated with the Thai way of life, playing a significant role in transportation, work, and even war.

Established by the government in 1998, Thailand’s National Elephant Day is celebrated every year on March 13.

To honor the animal and its relationship with the Thai people, the holiday aims to raise awareness for the conservation and protection of elephants.

The usual activities include elephant buffets and traditional blessing ceremonies.

Bangkok Events in March 2024 – Conferences and trade fairs

Conferences and trade fairs are also regularly held in Bangkok.

These Bangkok events in March from the area of conferences and trade fairs are our recommendations.

Bangkok Events - Conference

Founders Pitching and Power Networking

March 21 – Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit

This event is specially designed for founders who want to make contacts.

Here, they have the opportunity to present their companies to investors, VCs, co-founders, CEOs, and angel investors.

Founders have 5 minutes for their pitch, which is then judged by 5 jurors from the SEA region.

The audience then decides the winner. Important to know: The event is limited to 150 participants.

You can find more information here.

Tom Hougaard in Bangkok

March 9 – Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit

At this event, Tom Hougaard talks about his life and the secrets of his success.

Hougaard is best known as a high-stakes day trader and author of the bestseller “Best Loser Wins”, which is all about the psychology of trading. .

You can find more information here.

Bangkok events in March 2024 – Sport and leisure

Sports and leisure events are also organized in Bangkok.

These Bangkok events in March from the sports and leisure sector are our recommendations.

Bangkok Events - Sport

National Muay Thai Day

March 17 – Various locations/Muay Thai schools in Bangkok

Muay Thai is so celebrated in Thailand that there are even two days nationwide to celebrate the art of the eight limbs.

There is a Muay Thai Day on both February 6 and March 17, each celebrating a specific aspect of Muay Thai history.

The February date honors King Sanphet VIII, a Thai monarch who was himself a Muay Thai practitioner and promoted the sport as a national treasure.

The day in March, on the other hand, commemorates the heroic deeds of Nai Khanom Tom. The fighter gained his freedom by defeating several Burmese opponents.

Muay Thai camps, schools, and stadiums across the country organize events and activities on National Muay Thai Day.

It’s best to find out directly on-site or on their websites.

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