Where can I catch some authentic Muay Thai action?


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      Hey all,

      I’ve always been fascinated by Muay Thai, not just as a sport but as an integral part of Thai culture. I’ve watched tons of matches on TV and practiced a bit back home, but seeing a match live in Thailand has been on my bucket list forever!

      Now, here’s where I need your collective wisdom. I’m on a quest to witness authentic Muay Thai fights, the kind that locals would go to, not just the touristy showcases where the outcome feels more like a scripted drama than a display of skill and spirit.

      Has anyone here stumbled upon such places in Bangkok? I’ve heard whispers of stadiums and underground venues where the true essence of Muay Thai thrives. Any tips on where to find these hidden gems? Days, times, do’s and don’ts?

      Appreciate all the help I can get!

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