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Franzi is a long-term travel blogger, online editor, content creator, and Tourism in Bangkok expert. She specializes in active and luxury travel, wellness, and professional traveling. Franzi founded her German travel blog Coconut Sports in 2014 and has worked for several travel magazines, newspapers, and corporate travel blogs. She has shared her travel expertise in leading media outlets like WELT, Süddeutsche Zeitung, ARD, Bayern 3, WELT am Sonntag, and many more. Experience: After graduating from university, Franzi has worked in public relations, online marketing, SEO, and as an online editor. She is a self-employed travel blogger and content creator in Munich, Germany. Her German-language travel blog strongly focuses on active and adventurous travel with unique accommodations and some wellness and feel-good moments. In 2023, Franzi co-founded Latitude 12 LLC. Together with her business partner Tim, she launched Bangkok Insiders and About That Smile (a website about invisible braces). Last but not least, Franzi has also been working as a part-time flight attendant for a major German airline for more than ten years. This job allows her to travel the world regularly, create content, and share insider knowledge about aviation with her audience. Expertise: Franzi’s expertise includes tourism in Europe, Asia, and America, frequent flying and professional traveling. She has lived in various Asian countries, of which she has learned to love Thailand the most. Both her job as a travel blogger as well as being a flight attendant brings her back to Bangkok regularly. Accordingly, in recent years, Franzi has become an expert in Tourism in Thailand, specifically Tourism in Bangkok. Education: Franzi's love for writing developed long before she studied sociology, German philology, and literature. After graduating from Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen, she traveled for a year and a half in New Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia. During this time, she developed a severe case of wanderlust and started writing more and more about her travels. Working in public relations, online marketing, and as an online editor for the next couple of years, Franzi developed the necessary skills to start her blog, Coconut Sports, and share her photography and video on multiple social media outlets. For travel tips and insights into the life of a travel blogger and flight attendant, you can follow Franzi on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.