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Tim Kroeger is a distinguished expert in International Tourism Management, focusing on Luxury Adventure Travel, Luxury Hotel Reviews, and tourism in Costa Rica. He has achieved international acclaim, highlighted by features in NGZ Online in Germany and Stuff in New Zealand, and has provided insights on German radio channel News89.4. Experience: Tim's professional journey began in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in International Tourism Management. He then joined CRS Tours Costa Rica, where he specialized in planning customized vacations and managed sales and social media marketing. Between 2014 and 2020, Tim worked as a Flight Attendant for Lufthansa German Airlines, gaining valuable global tourism experience. In 2020, he founded Tim Kroeger Media LLC and launched several websites, including Universal Traveller, Guatemala Transport Service, Mexico Transport Service, and Spanish Food Guide. Additionally, he served as the Country Manager for, focusing on SEO, affiliate marketing, and partnerships. In 2023, he co-founded Latitude 12 LLC, introducing Bangkok Insiders and a website about invisible braces, About That Smile. Expertise: Tim's expertise encompasses Luxury Adventure Travel, International Tourism Management, and international tourism advertising. His hands-on experience makes him a sought-after professional in the tourism industry. Education: His education includes a degree in International Tourism Management from NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and courses in SEO, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing. He also completed Service Training at Lufthansa Aviation Training, honing skills crucial for his role as a Luxury Hotel Reviewer. For the latest updates and insights, you can follow Tim on Instagram - Facebook - LinkedIn - Pinterest - TikTok - YouTube