What’s the best way to beat the heat in Bangkok? It’s like a sauna out there

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      Melting in Bangkok – SOS!

      Hey fellow wanderers!

      I’m currently exploring the streets of Bangkok and, guys, I’m not gonna lie – I’m melting faster than ice cream on a hot sidewalk! 🥵 The heat and humidity combo here is something else. I knew Thailand would be warm, but this city feels like it’s cranking up the thermostat just for giggles.

      So, here I am, reaching out to you seasoned Bangkok travelers for some much-needed advice. How do you keep cool in this sauna masquerading as a city? I’ve been chugging bottled water like it’s my job, but I swear, I’m sweating it out faster than I can drink it.

      Any secret spots known for their A/C? Or maybe some magical local remedies to beat the heat? I heard whispers of a mythical ice cream that doesn’t melt – urban legend or a real thing? Also, are there any indoor activities or attractions that are must-sees (and must-feels, because air conditioning)?

      I came prepared for adventure, but I didn’t sign up to be slow-roasted! 😅 Help a fellow traveler out?

      Looking forward to your coolest tips and tricks (pun very much intended).

      Stay frosty,
      [Your Friendly Neighborhood Melting Tourist]

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      First off, welcome to the club of the perpetually perspiring! 😂 Bangkok’s heat can definitely catch you off guard, but fear not, for you have not been left to sizzle in vain. Here are a few life-saving tips from someone who’s survived the urban sauna:

      1. Embrace the Mall Life: Bangkok’s malls aren’t just for shopping; they’re sanctuaries of sweet, sweet air conditioning. Siam Paragon and Terminal 21 aren’t just cool for their stores – they’re literally cool.

      2. Water Fight: Keep hydrating, and don’t forget to replenish those electrolytes. Coconut water is your best friend here. Street vendors sell it fresh, and it’s nature’s Gatorade.

      3. Escape to an Indoor Oasis: Check out some of Bangkok’s amazing indoor attractions like Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World or the Art in Paradise museum. Art, entertainment, and A/C – what’s not to love?

      4. River Breezes: Take a longtail boat tour on the Chao Phraya River. It’s usually cooler on the water, and you get to see the city from a fresh perspective.

      5. After Dark Explorations: Bangkok transforms at night. The temperatures drop (a bit), and exploring becomes a whole lot more manageable. Plus, the city lights are something else!

      6. Traditional Thai Massage: When it’s just too hot to trot, why not relax and cool down with a traditional Thai massage in an air-conditioned spa?

      About the mythical non-melting ice cream – still on the lookout for that one, but will keep you posted if I find it. 😜 Until then, grab a mango sticky rice ice cream. It’s the next best thing.

      Hang in there, and soon you’ll find your own rhythm to beat the heat. Happy exploring!


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